What Companies Have the Best Rating for Plug-In Wall Towel Warmers?

Heated towels for a very long period are primarily used in high-end spa and fancy hotels. Nothing improves a spa session or even a relaxing massage-like having a warm towel. It might be impossible to get the maximum spa treatment when you are at home, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to yield to some more comforts, we all need to dry off when we are out of the shower. You can continuously use old towels but try to think about how great it will be if you can dry off to a heated towel easily, have the feeling of warmth as you dry off water from your body.

Nowadays, you can find towel warmers in the mudrooms, kitchen, bedrooms and the basements to give heat and also reduce mildew, humidity, and moisture. There are several brands to select from, choose the right towel can sometimes be hectic. The towel reviews are outlined below will help you in planning your options, and it will help you end up with the ideal unit for your exact needs.

What is a Towel Warmer?

As the name implies, a towel warmer is a device that imitates the concept of a towel rack just that the warmer will heat the towel to make them dry quickly. Aside from drying the towel, the device also reduces the occurrence of a towel generating mildews. Also, towels warmers are created to make sure that as you step out of the shower and then into a warm towel, this will give you great satisfaction specifically during the cold weather.

Who Buys a Towel Warmer?

Towel warmers have a little bit of leisure that anyone can partake of, and they try so much than keep the towels dry and warm. Towel warmers don’t consume much energy, so they might not have many contributions when keeping your house warm. Nevertheless, they are very good at reducing fighting mildew and humidity. Towel warmers are excellent choice for anyone who occasionally lives in a place where the climate is cold and damp. They have also been popular around Northern Europe where the rainy days and cold weathers are so common. They are also common in America Midwest and New England where their weather is cold and long. A warm towel will do just fine when you are coming out of your shower into the cold air.

If you live in areas whereby the climate is dry and warm, then the need for a towel warmer is less. Since they are at their best when they work when used regularly and you might not need extra heat in the home. They will allow the air in the house to become drier, so this has to be taken with due consideration.

It’s worthy of note that the towel varies from functional models, simple and too stylish fixtures that can decorate your walls. Either you like the flashy and stylish or the timeless elegance, there are towel warmers that will work perfectly for you. Whether you desire to remodel your home or something like a simple plug-in model, a towel warmer can introduce little additional comfort after a cold bath or shower. If you are enjoying your creature comforts, then a towel warmer is a remarkable way of tidying up your home.

Top 3 Towel Warmer Brands

Expectedly, there are many towel warmers in the markets suitable for your needs precisely. Some models are the plug-in that needs electrical wall outlet while the others are tightly coupled into the house’s electrical system, there are available freestanding models. To assist you in getting a peek of what you are expecting, here are three towel warmers rated brands. An informed shopper is a happy shopper.

Editor’s Selection

The Warmrails towel warmer brand is our top pick for several reasons which we will further discuss in this review. But, it’s worthy of note that they are the nation’s leading towel warmer brand for reasonably priced high-end towel warmers. They are eco-friendly and makes use of less energy, even lesser than a light bulb. It serves you efficiently without experiencing jam and malfunction like some other towel warmers. The warms are durable, rust-free and have a longer lifespan.

The Warmrails is undoubtedly the best towel warmer brand of choice, all you have to do is to locate your retailer to purchase your own!

Warmrails Company

Warmrails WHC Hyde Park 39-Inch Family Size Floor Standing Towel Warmer

Warmrails Company is a new entrant into the towel warmer market but already making giant strides with their commitment to producing top quality towel warmer. With the ability to create innovative products it has been able to build a good reputation in the industry.

Warmrails doesn’t just produce quality products with high ratings it also does so at a competitive price thereby providing high value for money spent. With the range of quality Warmrails towel warmers, one will see that their top priority is to provide maximum satisfaction to their customers.

Based on this assurance of quality, Warmrails products have been enjoying worldwide popularity and acceptability among homeowners majorly those within the hospitality industry.

What Makes Warmrails Towel Warmer The Best?

Towel warmer from Warmrails are uniquely produced with high-grade heating technology to ensure your home enjoys the best towel warmer. Their products are easy to use and will meet your desired need by which is to ensure a dry towel always.

The warmers are well-built and functional in a way that makes it easy to use.


  • Competitive Prices

You will get to purchase this product at a relatively fair price compared to the exceptional quality you get. They also have a wide range of products you can purchase at different prices, which makes it easy for you to get quality towel warmers that suits your budget.

  • Energy Saving Heating Technology

Most warmers produced by Warmrail use less percentage of energy when compared with the traditional dryer. Based on this feature, energy cost will be considerably reduced, and you will invariably save more on electricity bills.

  • Easy to install and assemble

All products from Warmrail are easy to install, and you only need little skills and expertise to set up the ones that need wall mounting.

  • Variety of sizes

Warmrails towel warmers all come in a variety of sizes ranging from small to larger ones to meet the needs of a small family and larger families respectively.

  • Warranty

All Warmrails products come with a one-year warranty. This is a plus as you can easily take your product for replacement or repair within one year after purchase.


Myson WPRL08 8-Bar Wall Mount Towel Warmer

MYSON has been in the business of manufacturing a wide range of products including towel warmers for over 50 years. Within this period they have been able to use their knowledge and expertise to create a vast range of stylish and useful towel warmers. Their vastness appeals to all tastes and styles such as functional ladder rails, outstanding contemporary designs, and stylish traditional styles. Flagship products like AVONMORE are perfect for domestic as well as commercial projects while combination products like the DEE combine the advantages of a towel warmer and a radiator.

Comparison with Other Products

MYSON range of products is not limited to radiator manufacture; rather they are also known as a heating solutions provider. Their product consists of towel warmers, radiators, underfloor heating, electric heating, fan convectors, design radiators, valves, and controls.


  • Style

With a vast designer range, you will be able to get your room heated in style. The attractive towel warmers and radiators will complement your bathroom or living space by adding extra beauty.

  • Choice

Everyone’s taste is quite different, and MYSON understands this fact, so they have designed towel warmers for various users taste. They intend to provide everyone with the ideal towel warmers that suit their taste. From the simple designs to the more complicated and stylish designs, you will surely have the perfect product for your use. 

  • Quality

The towel warmers and radiators are specially made from quality brass or steel.  All towel warmers and radiators are guaranteed of quality and have the CE mark of approval.


Amba RWH-CB Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer

The Amba brand is among the brands with the widest towel warmers range in the market. This ensures that you get an ideal model that meets your specific need and expectations. Another key feature of Amba is that it accepts custom orders which enable it to meet up with the precise specifications of a customer’s need. This is a striking feature as most companies towel warmer companies don’t offer custom services.

The Amba brand makes use of the Italian heating elements and cable systems that guarantee a more efficient and better quality.


  • Custom services

Perhaps this is Amba’s greatest selling point as it allows you to place a custom order based on your specifications as regards to size, device power, and architecture of your towel warmer.

  • High quality and affordable

Amba delivers products of high-quality at affordable prices. While most brands tend to increase their price for every new feature added, Amba is more committed to selling product at a more affordable efficiency. Amba offers a very varied product range at an unbeatable price.

  • Easy maintenance

Amba products are easy to maintain due to the availability of accessories and parts.


No matter your bathroom or even your budget, there is always a towel warmer that is made ideally for you. Either you have $50 or $500 to spend; you can still enjoy the luxury you desire. It’s worthy of note that all these towel warmers are excellent.

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