Warmrails RTC Mid Size Wall Mounted or Floor Standing Review

The Warmrails RTC Mid Size Wall Mounted towel warmer keeps your clothes, towels, or any other items dry and warm in seconds. It is easy to use, barely takes up any space in the room, and operates efficiently. Discover more about this product and what other people have to say about this towel warmer by Warmrails. There are several features that you can expect from the Warmrails RTC Mid Size Wall Mounted towel warmer. We will discuss the features in this article.

Benefits/ Features of Warmrails RTC Mid Size Wall Mounted

1. It comes with several bars that let you hang a number of clothing pieces.

This towel warmer has five sturdy bars, so you can conveniently hang multiple clothing pieces and towels at once. Whether you need to dry or warm your delicates, towels, bathing suits and other wet items, you can do so on these bars.

2. The towel warmer has a sleek and space-saving quality.

Even if you live in a cramped area and floor space is an issue, you will have no problem using this towel warmer in your home. You can either mount it on the wall or allow it to stand freely on the floor – and it does not even take too much space.

3. This product is reasonably-priced, yet loaded with great features.

For less than $100, you can buy this top-quality towel warmer that gives you cozy towels, dry bathing suits and warm clothing pieces in an instant. It is almost like having a luxury spa in your very own bathroom.

Customer Reviews


Several product users were impressed by how quick this towel rack can warm various items in just seconds. It is also a breeze to set up, and the rack is very stable once in its free-standing mode.


Although the towel as expected, some people found it a bit dangerous that the metals get very hot. However, this is the main concept about the warmer, and it is never safe to touch the bars once this equipment is switched on. It is a matter of being aware of safety procedures when using this towel warmer.

Where to Buy

The Warmrails RTC Mid Size Wall Mounted towel warmer is available at several stores nationwide. If you want to save on your purchase, though, the most practical place to buy it is at amazon.com. Hence, to save money without compromising quality, better check out amazon.com for this product.

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