Warmrails HW/SW Kensington Wall Mounted Towel Warmer Review

Touted as one of the best wall mounted towel warmers, the Warmrails HW/SW allows you to warm not one, but eight items simultaneously, making the ideal unit for a midsized family. Besides keeping your towels warm, dry and with a fresh smell, this towel warmer is also backed by a relatively long one year warranty.

Product Features and Benefits


The HW/SW is designed to warm towels alright but you can also use it to keep your baby blankets, hand washables and bedding as well as swimsuits dry as well. It can be utilized in multiple locations such as the bathroom, poolside or bedrooms too. You also have a choice of using either the soft-wire or hard-wire options depending on the weight and size of the item you want to warm.
The unit comes with a 7-foot electrical cord as well for increased usability.

Energy Saving

The Warmrails HW/SW runs on 105 watts of energy, thereby helping save on your energy costs. The towel warmer is designed to operate round the clock, a feature that would come in handy particularly during winter when you may need to snuggle in bed or couch wrapped up in a warm blanket.

Ease of Installation

Fixing the HW/SW into position is a breeze thanks to the installation manual that comes with the unit’s package. A user guide on how to use and maximize the benefits of the warmer is also included.

Customer Reviews

On Amazon, the Warmrails has attracted many reviews and a satisfactory rating. Many reviews hail this unit primarily due to its remarkable performance and longevity. Equally, a large section of the reviewers says that it is reliable and will most likely exceed you towel drying or warming needs when used in the right manner.


• Highly affordable
• Chrome finish that hardly chips
• Reliability
• Straightforward installation
• Multiple functionality and versatility
• Long warranty


The long cord does not auger well with some customers. However, the cord is meant to ensure that you can use the unit in outdoor locations such as by the pool side. You can always have the cord reduce, though.

Where to Buy

The best place to buy the Warmrails HW/SW and at a reduced price would be on Amazon.com . Be sure to visit Amazon of the latest prices, discounts and buying options since the prices and offers keep fluctuating from time to time.

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