How to Install a Towel Warmer

Towel warmers are pretty easy to install even without prior installation experience. As a matter of fact, most towel warmers come with an installation guide that is easy to follow and actuate. Below is a step by step guide on how to install a towel warmer irrespective of the location that you want to place it.

how to install a towel warmer

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Torpedo level
  • Toggle bolts
  • Wire nuts
  • Towel warmer installation kit

Step One – Start by Locating the Suitable Location

You will have to decide the location that you want to mount the warmer even before you begin the installation process. The choice of location depends on your particular needs and preferences.

Step Two – Read the Instillation Guide Comprehensively

Be sure to read the installation guide comprehensively to known which piece falls where. This is particularly important if you have never installed a towel warmer before. Most installation guides come in an easy to understand language and an easy to follow format. Read the installation precautions while you’re at it as well.

Step Three – Start the Installation Process

Begin by attaching the legs to the frame and secure them with screws. The legs are meant to serve as spacers that will hold the towel warming rack at the most suitable distance from the wall.

Step Four – Verify and Establish the Assembly Level

Determine the level of assembly by marking the location of all the four legs on the wall. Be sure to use a torpedo level so that the degree of construction is perfect.

Step Five – Drill Holes for the Toggle Bolts

Now that the legs have been safely anchored on the wall secure them into place using toggle bolts. Start by drilling the holes for the toggle bolts through drywall and the tile by use of a ceramic bit. A ceramic bit is uniquely designed to minimize the likelihood of cracking the tile. Use the template to mark the center point of the legs to accurate placement of the holes. Once you’re done, insert the toggle bolts into the drilled holes and secure them into place.

Step Six – Make the Electrical Connections

Start by stripping the casing on the lead wire before connecting other wires according to the installation instructions. This is followed by attaching the cover plate to the electrical junction box. Do not forget to read the manufacture’s instruction on how to make the electrical connections safely.

Step Seven – Mount the Towel Warmer into Position

Lift the towel warmer to secure it into place by tightening the legs into position using tightening screws. You may use your hands to verify the stability after installation.