Can Towel Warmers be Used Outdoors?

Towel warmers typically adopt a design that makes them ideal for indoor use. Nevertheless, you can still use them outdoors but with extra caution for safety purposes. Additionally, you have to use the towel warmer in such a way that you maximize on its functionality.

Can Towel Warmers be Used Outdoors

Here are essential precautions that you need to remember when using towel warmers outdoors.

Using Towel Warmers Outdoor Comes With its Risks

Mounting a towel warmer outdoors by extension means that that you are exposing it to a couple of hazardous weather elements such as rain, ice, condensation or snow. This, in essence, increases the likelihood of water getting behind the faceplate and into the electrical wiring, a situation that can result in a short circuit. To avoid such occurrences, ensure that you place the warmer in a sheltered location.

Wires Need to Be Covered

If you are using the towel warmer near a pool and the wires are submerged in the pool area, it is highly advisable that you consider using waterproof wire connectors. Also, ensure that you cover the faceplate with silicone. You may also use a single-gang box gasket to cover the faceplate.

Be Cautious When Using the Warmer Near the Beach

Using a towel warmer near the beach or a salty water body comes with unique challenges. Obviously the water is hazardous, but the salt in the water is equally harmful and could compromise your warmer’s usability. Thus, be sure to clean the rails after use to wipe out any salt deposits. This not only assures durability but also preserves the unit look and finish.

Having said that, you need to choose a towel warmer whose design allows you to use it outdoors.Here are two important factors to put into consideration when choosing towel warmers for outdoor use.

Choose Freestanding Towel Warmers – You need to use a warmer that can stand on its own without human or with minimal support. You’re better of focusing on protecting the warmer from weather elements than its ability to stand on its own. Portability is crucial a well.

Choose Towel Warmers With Long Electrical Cords – The length of a towel warmer’s electrical cord is crucial, particularly when you are using the unit outdoors. A long cord increases the unit’s maneuverability and usability; the longer the cord, the better.

Towel warmers can be used outdoors but not with precautionary measures. Safety is of utmost importance when using warmers outdoors if you’re to reduce the risk of unnecessary accidents.