Can a Towel Warmer Heat a Bathroom?

Can a Towel Warmer Heat a Bathroom?Fall is here, with winter just around the corner, which means it is that time of the year when the open windows get shut, the bedroom fans are put away, and the down comforters and snuggly house shoes are dug out of the backs of closets. This is the time of year when plastic is put over windows, flannel sheets are put on beds, and articles about using space heaters safely overrun the internet. In short, it is getting cold.

It is easy to keep warm in bedrooms, and living rooms and sitting rooms can easily be made nice and toasty, as well, but what about bathrooms? There is no carpet on the floors, no blankets to snuggle under, and oftentimes, when a person is in the bathroom, he or she doesn’t even have on clothes to keep out the chill. So how are people supposed to keep their bathrooms warm and cozy?

Space heaters are always an option, of course, but they are expensive to buy and to run, and they can often be dangerous if left unattended or knocked over. Furthermore, for people who live in apartments or smaller homes, space heaters may be inconvenient if they do not have a lot of space. Towel warmers, on the other hand, can be wall-mounted, which means they take up absolutely no floor space at all.

Why Not Try a Towel Warmer?

The function of towel warmers is pretty self-explanatory. They warm towels. It is always nice for a person to step out of the shower, reach for a towel, and have a nice, warm, feels-like-it-just-came-out-of-the-dryer towel to wrap around him- or herself. Who wouldn’t love that?

However, that is not the only purpose towel warmers can serve, especially in the colder months. Towel warmers, whether they are free-standing or wall-mounted, can act as heaters for the bathroom. They are a better option than space heaters, however, because they are energy-efficient, which means they cost people less money when the electric bill comes due, and because they are safer and less prone to catching fire. Also, they look a bit more stylish than a big, bulky space heater.

Types of Towel Warmers and Costs of Each

There are two main types of towel warmers that a person may choose to use to help heat up the bathroom. These two types are electric and hydronic.

Electric towel warmers, if they weren’t wired directly into a person’s house when it was built, simply plug into any wall outlet, which makes them incredibly easy to operate. If the electric towel warmer is wall-mounted, a person simply finds a spot to hang the warmer on the wall, hangs it up with a nail or two, and plugs it in. Free-standing ones are even simpler to use because they don’t require a person to hang them.

The price range for electric models runs from around $150 to about $500, which makes these types of warmers a reasonable option for just about anyone looking to find ways to warm up his or her bathroom on a budget. They can be found in most home improvement stores, mass merchandisers, and home appliance stores, as well as online.

The second option is the hydronic model of towel warmers. These types of warmers are made similarly to their electric counterparts and utilize a similar radial tubing construction; however, the way this tubing works is quite different from the electric models. Rather than using electricity to heat the tubing, hydronic warmers use hot water. They work by circulating hot water around and around in the tubing, which in turn generates heat. Because these warmers use water as opposed to electricity, they are, of course, the more energy-efficient option of the two.

However, as seems to be the case with most things, the more energy efficient something is and the more money it is going to save a person in the long run, the higher the up-front costs seem to be, as well. Prices for hydronic warmers start at about $450 and go up from there.

These types of warmers also require a hook-up to a person’s hot water heater, so there may be the added cost of hiring a professional to come help with that, as well. Once these warmers have been paid for and set up, however, they do end up saving the users quite a large sum of money over the next several years.

Key Takeaways

So, to sum it all up, towel warmers come in a wide range of prices to fit any budget; they are safer and cheaper to run than space heaters; and the wall-mounted ones are the perfect option for people with limited space. Not to mention, of course, that towel warmers also warm up a person’s towels so that he or she can be all toasty and warm after getting out of the shower.

So if a person is looking for a relatively inexpensive, highly energy-efficient way of heating up his or her bathroom this winter, he or she should definitely consider the possibility of purchasing and using a towel warmer. The benefits are simply too numerous for it not to be a serious consideration.