Brookstone Towel Warmer Review

Towel warmers are all about versatility and that’s precisely what the Brookstone Towel Warmer is designed to offer. You can literally warm a host of materials from towels to robes to bed sheets with the unit. So convenient is this towel warmer that it can warm towels in a remarkable ten minutes. This comprehensive review below seeks to ensure that you but the warmer from a point of information.

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Product Features and Benefits

1. Extra Large Design

This towel warmer comes with a design that lets you warm up to two towels at the same time. This means that you don’t have to worry about having dry towels round the clock, thereby making the unit highly convenient. The warmer also has a transparent lid that lets you see inside.

2. Auto Shutoff

Unlike other towels warmers, the Brookstone is mounted with an auto shutoff feature. The feature turns off the unit once it has reached the maximum temperatures or when the towels have warmed up. This means that you can leave the towels to warm up even when you are not around without having to worry about shutting off the machine.

3. Silicone Heating Element

The element that this towel warmer uses is made of silicone, a fact that enables it to heat the entire towel inside and outside. The element also makes this unit perfect at heating hats and gloves before you step out of the house and into the cold.

Customer Reviews

The Brookstone Towel Warmer had been reviewed by a plethora of customers online. A majority of these customers rated the unit highly in addition to positively reviewing the towel warmer. Here is what one of the customers had to say about the product, “This unit serves me well and I’m assured of getting a warm towel every time I step out of the shower”.


  • Attractive design
  • Heat the towels evenly
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Durable


Some customers feel that this warmer is relatively expensive but when you put what the product has to offer into consideration, it is worth every coin you spend on it.

Where to Buy

While the Brookstone Towel Warmer can be found on a number of online stores, the best place to buy it would be on Amazon for mouth-watering discounts. Visit for the latest prices, discounts and buying options.

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