Best Runtal Towel Warmers in 2019

Towel warmers are becoming a popular commodity these days. With the advent of 1900s the modern plumbing became less of a privilege and the contemporary luxuries became more affordable. Think about the cold shock of getting out of a hot bath into frigid cold bathroom and the added disappointment of wrapping yourself in a towel that is damp as well as smelly. This must have led to a Eureka moment and the idea of towel warmer was born.

Over the years things became more sophisticated and much more elaborate. Dedicated towel warmer manufacturers have brought so many enhancements and designs for a simple towel warmer. Gone are the days when towel warmer was considered a luxury item in spas and hotels. Now it is an affordable household commodity that is essential for every house.

Buying a towel warmer might seem like a simple task. Contrary to your thinking, this can be a tedious, long and tiring especially if you are a novice in the world of towel warmers. Before your trio to the supermarket, do a little homework. Think about your price range, kind of heating system that you want to attach your towel warmer with, bathroom decor and your budget.

When it comes to towel warmers, Runtal is the most authentic and trusted name in the market. Runtal towel warmers have been around for quite some time now. Solid body, beautiful designs and durability are the hallmarks of Runtal towel warmers. Here is the list for some of the best Runtal Towel Warmers available in the market.

Best Runtal Towel Warmer Reviews

1) Runtal  Radia Electric Towel Warmer Plug-In

Runtal believes in providing simple elegance with exceptional performance. True to their promise, simple warm rails of the Radia look elegant and increase the efficiency of the towel warmer by providing more space. It is available in three hydronic as well as three types of electric versions. Installation can be either plug-in or direct wire, depending upon the preference of the user. It is available in 24 inches size.

This towel warmer features Runtal’s unique soft touch five setting digital control. Through this digital control you can set the temperature of your towel warmer according to your need. The temperature can be set on off, low, medium or timer on high for 3 hours. It is available in white color. The Radia has been especially successful in laundry rooms but can also be used in household bathrooms. It is backed up by a whopping 5 years warranty!

2) Runtal Omni Panel Electric Towel Warmer Direct Wire

Runtal introduced flat panel radiators in America in 1985, since than their towel warmers have attracted a huge customer base. Omni Panel has an incomparable heat output of 7920 BTU. It is available in twenty-five hydronic and six electric models. Hydronic models have both bottom and rear piping. These towel warmers are exquisitely designed to look elegant and sleek in laundry rooms as well as bathrooms. Temperature control includes off/ lo/med and high.

Temperature control option is available for plug-in and direct wire models. On the other hand, for places where controls on the unit are not allowed by code, a special hard wire model has been designed. Hard wire models are specifically fashioned without controls. One of the best features for the Omni Panel line of towel warmers is that they are available in various different sizes. This makes it easy to install towel warmer according to your bathroom space. All Omni Panel towel warmers are finished with a powder coat enamel to give it perfect finish and smooth surface.

Best Runtal Hydronic Towel Warmer Reviews

1) Runtal Neptune Hydronic Towel Radiator

Neptune Hydronic towel radiators by Runtal showcase beautifully fashioned bold lines that complement modern day bathroom designs. It is available in two electric and two hydronic versions. Hydronic models offer bottom piping for easy installation and hassle free circulation of water. Wide panels offer easy cleaning and disinfecting which is one of the main reasons for its popularity especially in hospitals.

Neptune towel radiators work quietly and smoothly as opposed to other heating systems that are often loud and produce irritable pinging and popping sounds. Direct wire or plug-in versions are available for electric models. Each model has been laced with Runtal’s exclusive soft touch control system. This digital control system is available in five settings i.e. off, low, medium, hi, timer on hi for 3 hours. Chrome finish along with grey-white color adds to its elegance and beauty.

2) Runtal Radia 4624 Hydronic Towel Warmer Review

runtal radia review

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This product functions as both a towel warmer and a radiator and is a perfect addition to any bathroom or laundry room. The Runtal Radia is available in six different variations; three are hydronic, and the rest are electric. All hydronic models offer either bottom piping or rear piping, while the electric models can either be hardwired or plugged in. The Runtal Radia 4624 comes in three different finishes: gray-white, steel, and cream-white and is set to look good in any bathroom or laundry room. Despite its simple appearance, the Runtal Radia 4624 is an efficient device for both warming towels and heating rooms.

The price point for this particular model is lower than that of other brands, making it an affordable choice for homeowners. Although the Runtal Radia 4624 has a lower price, it represents the best bang for your buck in terms of performance. Compared to other towel warmers, the Runtal Radia 4624 can compete when it comes to efficient heating, with an output of 183°F. This device can heat up to six towels in less than ten minutes, which is far more than other brands can offer. For its price and heating capacity, the Runtal Radia is the clear winner for the value it gives, making it a favorite among homeowners everywhere.

Why Runtal for my Towel Warmers?

The Runtal Brand of radiators was established early in the 1950’s and holds its headquarters in Switzerland. Due to its decades worth of experience, Runtal is considered a pioneer in the radiator industry, and a trusted brand throughout Europe. Runtal is a brand that aims to deliver excellent performance at a reasonable price. The company is dedicated to providing products with the best design and engineering a consumer can ask for. Runtal is serious about providing excellent products that look good, cost less, and are set work great for decades. This is definitely a brand to watch out for when looking for towel warmers.


Because Runtal towel warmers offer two functions, they are already better than many other brands out there. While other brands struggle to heat more than one towel, the Runtal brand effortlessly offers both warm, fluffy towels and a toasty, cozy room. Runtal towel warmers have an edge above other brands because of the company’s long history of being excellent at what they do.

Best Technology

Runtal is dedicated to being the leader in radiator technology. This means that they are always at the top of their game when it comes to heating. Because of this, Runtal has been known to use the best and most advanced methods to create the best products. Moreover, the technology they use in developing their products is reliable and also dedicated to being economically efficient.

Price Point

One of the best ways to tell that Runtal has the consumer in mind? The price point. Runtal meets high standards to ensure quality that other companies are only willing to do for a higher amount of money. Runtal is committed to providing one-of-a-kind heating capabilities, classic and timeless aesthetics, versatile functionality, decades of durability, and environmental friendliness. With all of these stellar commitments in mind, Runtal provides only the best quality for the best price, making it a clear choice among its competitors.

Runtal Towel Warmer FAQs

Will these towel warmers significantly increase my electricity bill? Are Runtal Towel Warmers energy efficient?

Runtal’s commitment to energy efficiency means that although your electricity bill may go up by a little bit, the difference will not be so significant. Keep in mind that for hydronic models, you can expect your water bill to go up by a few dollars as well. However, these towel warmers are known to be energy efficient.

Are Runtal towel warmers safe around children and pets?

Yes, Runtal towel warmers are generally safe around children and pets. The Runtal towel warmers are known to be some of the best and safest towel warmers on the market. Automatic timers allow for the towel warmers to switch off after a designated period of time, which helps to avoid any untoward incidents. As a precaution, be sure to install the towel warmer in a safe area and to supervise children that use it.

How quickly will these products heat up?

The Runtal towel warmers are able to heat up relatively quickly. When you switch them on right before you go in for a shower, you can expect to have warm towels after then, within only ten minutes. However, it does take a little while longer to heat up the entire room.

Do these products come with a timer/switch?

Yes! Most Runtal towel warmers come with a timer that automatically shuts off the heating. This is both for safety and convenience purposes so that you don’t have to worry about if you’ve shut it off!

What’s the best location to install these devices?

The best place to install your Runtal towel warmer is usually in the bathroom. This way, you don’t have to step on icy cold tiles in the morning. It would also be good to install the Runtal towel warmer in the laundry room. It is recommended, however, not to install the Runtal towel warmer in a bathroom that is used mostly by children.


Runtal has had a satisfied base of customers that love and trust their products. Towel warmers are becoming an essential commodity of every household especially for areas that experience extremely cold temperatures. Their towel warmers are artfully designed to look attractive in any type of bathroom décor, be it a normal household or a luxury five star hotel. Runtal’s towel warmers are solid, durable and work quietly so as not to disturb anyone’s bathroom routine.

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