Best Mr Steam Towel Warmer Reviews in 2019

What was once the luxury of soft hot towels is now a dream come true with Mr. Steam towel warmers. These amazing devices serve the purpose of giving you warm, fluffy bliss. This luxury is no longer confined to high-end resorts and spas and is now accessible to the common consumer. Towel warmers are a stylish way to keep your towels (and sometimes your entire bathroom) warm. While there are many brands out there, the more popular brand that stands out is Mr. Steam. Before we go into detail about the brand, let’s check out the best Mr Steam towel warmer reviews:

Best Mr Steam Towel Warmer Reviews

Mr. Steam W219 Wall Mounted Towel Warmer

Mr. Steam W219 Wall Mounted Towel WarmerThis towel warmer is a quiet beauty with built-in stainless steel warmer. The fact that it is wall-mounted allows it to blend in without taking up much space. Both stylish and functional, the Mr. Steam W219 model is sleek, with a unified look in mind. It comes in three different finishes to match any bathroom: polished chrome, white, and oil rubbed bronze. This towel warmer also comes with a programmable 24-hour timer.

What’s so good about this particular model is that it is durable. It is set to last you years with a look and feels that is classic and timeless. The look is inspired after the curves and shapes often seen on the stages of Broadway, which gives you a feel of luxury and class. This model has a built-in aromatherapy scent diffuser for an amazing addition to the pleasant experience of warm towels. The Mr. Steam W219 is designed to be easy to install allowing for immediate use and allows for automatic shut-off through its programmable timer.

The Mr. Steam W219 model is not totally perfect, though. While often a towel warmer is warm enough to heat towels and a room, this one reportedly has low heating power. This is largely in part due to its size, allowing it to heat up only one towel at a time. This may not make it as efficient for those who expect to keep more than one towel warm.

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Mr. Steam W336 SSP Wall Mounted Towel Warmer

Mr. Steam W336 SSP Wall Mounted Towel WarmerThe Mr. Steam W336 is part of Mr. Steam’s Metro collection. While a little on the pricier range, this towel warmer is significantly larger than the previously-mentioned W219 model. Available in a brushed or polished stainless steel finish, you cannot go wrong with how sleek this looks mounted on your bathroom wall. Its design is suited for the metropolitan home.

Just like the previously mentioned W219, this model features aromatherapy capabilities that add to the luxury of the product. This product, however, is significantly larger and can fit more towels for heating. The Mr. Steam W336 was made durable with welded stainless steel, set to last you for years. The package includes a wall-mounted digital timer with a matching timing cover plate that allows for you to set the time for the heating. This helps to save energy instead of keeping it running continuously.

The drawback to this model is that it is on the more expensive side. For its size, the heating power of the Mr. Steam W336 leaves something to be desired. However, it does the job of heating multiple towels at a time. This model falls short of the expectation for most towel warmers to generate enough heat in a room to keep it warm.

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Mr. Steam H542BN Hydronic Towel Warmer

Mr. Steam H542BN Hydronic Towel WarmerThe Mr. Steam H542BN Hydronic Towel Warmer is a little different from other products by Mr. Steam. It features a hydronic heating system, which uses the circulation of water to generate heat. Mr. Steam is known to be the premier brand of choice for hydronic heating. As such, the model features a stainless steel heater for quiet heating. It is made of solid brass for efficient distribution of heat and is both durable and stylish. The Mr. Steam H542BN boasts a lifetime of reliability. Look-wise, it comes in a brushed nickel finish.

The Mr. Steam H542BN provides a more efficient and evenly-distributed heat and can heat up multiple towels at once. The sleek design of this model is great for any decorative style. Its solid brass construction makes for extra durability and reliability through the years and can be considered a great long-term option.

There are several disadvantages to this model. The Mr. Steam H542BN needs to be connected to the hot water system and requires a pump to circulate water into the model’s heating system properly. This process is much more complicated than installing an electric towel warmer. However, if a previous hydronic system is already in place, this should not be too much of a problem. For the cost of this model and the requirements for installation, most buyers may prefer an electric model instead.

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What’s so special about the Mr. Steam Brand?

The Mr. Steam brand has had over 60 years of experience creating high-quality steam generating products. It is preferred by engineers, architects, and savvy DIY homeowners alike. They have the consumer in mind when they design reliable, long-lasting products. However, this does not exclude them from the game when it comes to big clients such as hotels, clubs, resorts, spas, and large estates. The company is a well-known brand in the hospitality front because of the excellent quality products and services that they provide.

Mr. Steam is a leader in cutting-edge products that combine convenience with luxury. Their offerings are designed to be simple and easy to install with all the best interests of the consumer in mind. Because of the quality of service they provide, Mr. Steam is a household name all over the globe. The company prioritizes the creation of user-friendly products of exceptional quality.

The edge that the Mr. Steam brand has over other brands is its line of other products, as well as the unique offering of aromatherapy options for towel warmers. Mr. Steam is innovative beyond the vision of other companies because of how the brand anticipates what the client wants and needs.

Besides towel warmers, Mr. Steam offers an array of high-quality, award-winning products. Quite interesting to note is their offering of different shower therapies: Aromatherapy, Chromatherapy, and Music Therapy products. Mr. Steam offers products such as shower seats, shower speakers, lights, and special steam heads according to your needs.

Mr. Steam Towel Warmer FAQs

Do the towel warmers come with an automatic timer/switch?

Yes, all Mr. Steam Towel warmers come with digital wall timer switches for safe and easy use.

Are Mr. Steam Towel Warmers safe to use around children and pets?

Yes, Mr. Steam towel warmers are definitely safe to use around children and pets. The automatic timer system helps to prevent any untoward incidents. However, it is advised to supervise children in their use of Mr. Steam products.

How long will my Mr. Steam Towel Warmers last?

With proper care and use, the Mr. Steam towel warmers last for even decades. But with such an exciting array of products, you might not want to wait until then to upgrade 😉

Key takeaways

Whether electric or hydronic, Mr. Steam offers quality engineering and timeless design for residential and commercial use. Because their towel warmers feature solid brass construction, the products are efficient in giving you the luxury of a soft, warm towel to wrap yourself in. This simple pleasure goes a long way. With a range of products that suit varying price points and needs, Mr. Steam towel warmers are an ideal choice for both simple households and extravagant hotels.

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