Best Artos Towel Warmer

There´s no denying the fact that the Artos Towel Warmers are among the best towel warmers in the world. Heavily designed and marketed in England, the Artos towel warmers are known for their high efficiency and performance. In addition to that, the Artos line of towel warmers also fare well in the durability department.

The Best Artos Towel Warmer of 2019

Since there are different types of Artos Towel Warmers, there are multiple, different models as well. The prices on the models usually vary and differ according to the model type and unique features. Therefore, choosing the ideal Artos towel warmer to suit your needs and requirements can be challenging, to say the least. However, as we are here to assist you. We have carefully research these products to come up with a suitable list of the best Artos Towel Warmers for you. Without beating about the bush any further, here are 5 of the best Artos Towel Warmers on the market. These models are all available for purchase on Amazon.

1)  Artos M111755H-BH Towel Warmer

The Artos M111755H-BH Towel Warmer boasts of a gorgeous design and has the features to back its attractive look. It is easy to setup and use too. This particular towel warmer is constructed of steel, making it durable beyond belief and also resistant to corrosion. And, since the steel is coated with brushed nickel color, it also looks pleasing to the eyes. Available for purchase in different sizes and colors, the Artos M111755H-BH Towel functions as a hydronic towel warmer, which means that it relies on hot water to heat and treat the towel. It also helps that this product does an excellent job of providing instant and complete warming to the towels. This product is also widely popular because of its energy efficient technology. With this product in your house, you won´t have to worry about paying astronomical power bills. We are pretty certain that this product is one of the best Artos towel warmers around.

2) Artos MR12060H-CH Ryton Towel Warmer

Just like the Artos M111755H-BH Towel, this particular product is also a hydronic towel warmer, which means that it relies on hot water to heat and treat the towel. Although the Artos MR12060H-CH Ryton Towel Warmer boasts of a simple design, it still offers an elegant look. One of the best features of this particular product is undoubtedly its wall-mount feature. It can be mounted on the wall; the setup process of this product is as easy as a walk in the park. What´s great about this product is also the fact that it is made of high-quality advanced steel technology. Therefore, you need not worry about corrosion and durability issues with this product. The product features eight rails, placed at equal distances, allowing users to easily warm several towels at once.

 3) Stour Towel Warmer Finish

Isn´t it wonderful that the Stour Towel Warmer Finish has a nickel finish with it? Boasting of a compact design, this particular product functions as a hard-wired electric warmer; this means that the product uses electric heating mechanism to warm down the towel. This product, too, features a wall-mounting mechanism and it can be easily installed with the help of common studs and tools. The Stour Towel Warmer Finish can be installed at different places and heights as per the requirements and needs of the user.

4)  Lioni Wall Mount Electric Towel Warmer

As you may have guessed already, the Lioni Wall Mount Electric Towel Warmer features an electric heating technology that enables it to warm down the towel. Many people often prefer this particular product largely because of its stylish, elegant, and contemporary design. And, like the Stour Towel Warmer Finish, the Lioni Wall Mount Electric Towel Warmer also has a chrome finish with it. The product is largely constructed of steel that has been formed with corrosion and temperature resistant technology.

What are some of the attractive features of the Artos Towel Warmers?

Since the Artos towel warmers are all manufactured with top-of-the-line engineering and innovative designs, they boast of numerous features, amenities, and functions. Not only are the towel warmers widely functional, they also add to the aesthetic appeal of your bathrooms. What’s great about Artos towel warmers is also the fact that they all boast of an energy efficient technology design, helping you, the user, save plenty of money on the power charges.

The Artos towel warmers have been able to garner popularity all over the world because of their ease of use and simple installation process. Nearly all of the Artos towel warmers have wall-mount designs. It also helps that most of the Artos line of towel warmer products boast of a plug-in feature and a hard-wired feature.

Different types of Artos Towel Warmers

The Artos towel warmers are generally available for purchase in three different types—hard-wired electric, plug-in electric, and hydronic. The hard-wired electric warmers use electric heating to warm down the towel. The plug-in towel warmer, as its name suggests, features a cord which is used for transmitting the power supply to the product. The third type, hydronic, relies on hot water to heat and treat the towel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Artos Towel Warmers

Will these towel warmers increase my electricity bill? Are Artos towel warmers energy efficient?

No, the towel warmers do not increase your electricity bill as it uses hydronic system instead of an electrical system. The hydronic system is an energy efficient supply that uses heated water transferred through pipes in order to heat towel rails, swimming pools, or even your room temperature. As this use hot water system, it does not require any electricity at all.

Are Artos towel warmers safe around children and pet?

Towel warmers can be used around pets and children, but you should not allow them to play close with this device. Like all other towel warmers, this, too, should be used with necessary precautions. But the good thing about Artos Towel Warmers is its powered by a hydronic system. Meaning, there will be no electrocution risks at all. There are times that the surface will be hot. However, it will not cause permanent damage or scalding if it only comes into contact for a span of four seconds as these towel warmers are designed with preset maximum safe temperature. Further, it has a timer on and off that you can use to increase safety precautions.

What’s the best location to install these devices?

The best place to put it is in your bathroom. Not only it warms your towel but also the temperature of your bathroom. Warm room and warm towels? This might be the best shower experience that everyone wants to have!

As per the location of the Artos towel warmers, look for space where you can conveniently reach for your towels. At the same time, a wall that is blank and obstruction free. Apart from the bathroom, you can also put on Artos towel warmers in the kitchen, laundry room, pool, or any room that may need warmth.


Artos makes top of the line towel warmers and we recommend them to anyone that is looking to upgrade their bathroom or spa. I hope you liked our review of the Best Artos Towel Warmers, if you have any suggestions feel free to contact us. 

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